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Special Centers

Introduction to the Special Centers of Ajou University Hospital

With collaborative medical teams in various departments, the hospital provides the best personalized medical care, from diagnosis to treatment. We also offer an exclusive coordinator service that will assist you with all procedures, from outpatient treatment to hospitalization.

  • Liver Center

  • Stomach Cancer Center

  • Colon Cancer Center

  • Lung Cancer Center

  • Breast Cancer Center

  • Gynecololgic Cancer Center

  • Thyroid Cancer Center

  • Brain Tumor Center

  • Head and Neck Cancer Center

  • Urology Cancer Center

  • Palliative Care Center

  • Integrated Support Center

  • Cardiovascular Center

  • Ajou Sports Medicine Center

  • Gamma Knife Center

  • Clinic for torticollis

  • Ajou Hearing Center

  • Comprehensive Care Center
    for Osteoarthritis

  • Pancreato-Biliary Disease Center

  • Peritoneal Cancer Center

  • Parkinson Center

  • Integrated Care Center for High Risk Pregnant Women and New Born Babies

  • Stroke Center

  • Children's Growth & Obesity Center

  • Ajou Sleep Center

  • Organ Transplant Center

  • Rare Disease Center

  • Esophageal Cancer Center

Liver Center

The liver center comprehensively treats and manages liver diseases, not only liver cancer but also acute and chronic hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis and liver transfer.
The liver center provides the optimum treatment to patients with liver disease by collaborating with the gastroenterology, surgery, radiology and radiation oncology divisions. The best treatment method is decided based on the patient’s status by a conference of the medical teams of the liver center.
Free exchanges of opinions and collaboration between doctors are made easy by allowing specialists from the divisions in gastroenterology and liver complaints to treat patients in the liver center on the second floor of the main building. This allows the hospital to provide a one-stop treatment without any unnecessary waiting or movement of patients required.
The liver center is prepared 24/7 to perform an emergency endoscopy when a liver cancer patient has internal bleeding, and is proud of achieving a low death rate during liver cancer surgery of only 1.2% according to the evaluation of the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service. Furthermore, minimally invasive treatments for liver cancer such as hepatic embolization, radiofrequency ablation, varix bleeding, and insertion of chemoport during the injection of anti-cancer drugs are being pursued in radiology.

Stomach Cancer Center

The stomach cancer center provides specialized and professional treatment services to patients with stomach cancer, through the collaboration of medical teams from departments of internal medicine and surgery.
The stomach cancer center has achieved promising outcomes in improving the survival rates of patients with stomach cancer. This was made possible through the cooperation of the gastroenterology division responsible for the diagnosis of stomach cancer and endoscopy, the surgery division performing the surgery, and the hemato-oncology division responsible for radiotherapy and anticancer therapy before and after the surgery or for patients with surgical difficulties, and finally the radiation oncology division.
The stomach cancer center in Ajou University Hospital has made fast, accurate diagnosis and early treatment possible, from basic examination to endoscopy, biopsy and CT examination. In addition, a coordinator specialized in stomach cancer manages the entire treatment process.
The stomach cancer center has shown an excellent cancer treatment capacity, and has been given the first class rank by Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service in the evaluation of death rates during surgery. This rate is far lower than the national average and the average of the large hospitals in Seoul. The stomach cancer center is working hard on multiple fronts to protect the health and life of patients with early as well as advanced stomach cancer.

Colon Cancer Center

The surgery, gastroenterology, hemato-oncology, radiation oncology, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery and radiology divisions in the colon cancer center collaborate closely on all colon, rectal cancer and metastatic cancer surgeries to provide a fast and convenient one-stop treatment service to patients with colon cancer.
The colon cancer center has a fast and effective treatment system that allows patients to have a consultation regarding the result after the first diagnosis check and examination before surgery is complete under the supervision of a coordinator specialized in colon cancer.
The one-stop treatment service and invasive treatment of stage 3~4 colon cancer is a feature and an advantage of Ajou University Hospital’s colon cancer center. The colon cancer center is proud to have the highest survival rate in the country by providing active treatment even to patients with advanced cancer.
The evaluation by Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service on the actual death rate from colon cancer was 0% for the colon cancer center. The colon cancer center achieved extraordinary results by significantly lowering the rate of death and other complications, despite performing many surgeries on patients with advanced cancer who have a high death rate expectancy.

Lung Cancer Center

Effective diagnosis and treatment is possible in the lung cancer center thanks to the placing of examination spaces together, including pulmonology, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, bronchoscope examination room and lung function examination room.
The lung cancer center regularly holds chest conferences regarding the diagnosis of lung cancer, decision on treatment plan and the actual treatment. These conferences can include departments such as hemato-oncology which is responsible for the surgical treatment and anticancer treatment, radiation oncology which is responsible for radiotherapy, and radiology, nuclear medicine and pathology which provides assistance in the diagnosis of the lung cancer, with the pulmonology department at the center of overall management. These departments closely cooperate in deciding the direction of the patient’s treatment in order to provide the best treatment to patients with lung cancer.
Pulmonology, the first step in lungAP cancer treatment, runs an outpatient clinic even on Saturdays to enable prompt diagnoses and provide maximum convenience to patients through the entire process of examination and treatment by having a lung cancer specialized coordinator.
The lung cancer center works to ultimately improve the quality of treatment and diagnosis of patients with lung cancer by actively conducting research on blood markers to evaluate the prognosis or diagnosis of lung cancer.

Breast Cancer Center

Ajou University Hospital opened the breast cancer clinic and made a specialized treatment system in 2000, which it expanded and reorganized into the breast cancer center in 2006. The hospital provides an excellent treatment service to patients with breast cancer.
The breast cancer center has reduced the movements patients are required to make, and made simultaneous treatment by diverse breast cancer specialists possible by placing surgery, hemato-oncology, radiation oncology and radiology in the same space. As well, the center has significantly increased patient satisfaction by expanding examination spaces, changing rooms and other amenities.
The breast cancer center has specially placed breast cancer specialist nurses to provide quality care to patients with breast cancer. In addition, the center provides ultrasonic examinations, cystoscopies and biopsies, achieving speedy and accurate diagnosis and treatment with the latest equipment for breast cancer diagnosis, benign tumor removal and mammotome.
The excellent skills and organic collaboration system of the medical teams in the breast cancer center have led to an improvement in the survival rates of breast cancer patients. The survival rate of Ajou University Hospital breast cancer center for past 5 years has shown outcomes more than 10% better than the average survival rate of breast cancer patients.

Gynecololgic Cancer Center

The gynecologic cancer center treats uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, fallopian tubal cancer, and peritoneal cancer more efficiently and professionally through an organic collaboration of the obstetrics and gynecology, radiation oncology, radiology and pathology divisions.
The gynecologic center regularly holds a tumor board conference to decide on treatment directions and to evaluate prognosis each month in order to maximize the effectiveness of treatment for patients who have gynecologic cancer.
The two central departments of the gynecological cancer center, obstetrics and gynecology and radiation oncology, have had an excellent collaboration system since the opening of the hospital. The center introduced ‘Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy,’ to Korea, which is the simultaneous performance of anticancer therapy and radiotherapy on cervical cancer patients, and has contributed to improving the survival rate of domestic cervical cancer patients as a result.
The gynecological cancer center of Ajou University Hospital is contributing to improving the survival rate of advanced ovarian cancer patients through active surgeries. The center is continuously conducting research to maximize the survival rate and treatment effect of patients with gynecological cancer, increasing patient satisfaction and treatment effect through robotic and laparoscopic surgery for uterine cancer, and by conducting the excision of lymphatic gland in the staging operation of cancer patients.

Thyroid Cancer Center

Brain Tumor Center

Head and Neck Cancer Center

Urology Cancer Center

Palliative Care Center

Integrated Support Center

The Integrated Support Center provides information about complementary therapy, and provides treatment and consultation to cancer patients for their psychological and social support and symptom relief. The center was designated as a Gyeonggi Cancer Center by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2011, and is undertaking projects to support integrated services for cancer patients.

In the Integrated Support Center, a specialized medical team treats patients themselves directly. The center has built an infrastructure for health management in order to improve quality of life for cancer patients. It provides a holistic service that cannot be found in other hospitals, and it has positioned itself as a center that comprehensively analyzes various causes of symptoms that cancer patients complain about.
In addition, the integrative cancer center runs diverse exercises, meditation, and therapy programs to promote the psychological stability of the patients in Ajou Green Space, a space that is dedicated to the education and promotion of cancer patients. In addition, the center is preparing an emotional support service, relief consultation and health management through approaches such as consistent exercise, weight management, psychological and social support for advanced, recurrent and metastatic cancer patients.

Cardiovascular Center

The cardiovascular center is a specialized cardiovascular center that is the oldest of its kind in Gyeonggi province. The center is renowned domestically for its fast and accurate treatment, its treatment system, its specialized examination room, and its pleasant medical spaces.

The cardiovascular center of Ajou University Hospital is one of the only facilities in Korea that provides hemodynamic examination. In 「hemodynamic examination」, the narrowness of blood vessels is analyzed by measuring the pressure of the blood flow when angina patients come to the hospital. Hemodynamic examination is a personalized treatment, as it reduces patients’ financial burden and the possibility of complications by identifying the exact location of a lesion and conducting only the necessary surgical procedures. Also, the treatment effect is maximized and surgical risk is minimized through combinations of coronary artery bypass, stenting, and drug treatment on high risk patients with severe cardiovascular stenosis.

The center provides speedy treatment, taking an average of just 60 minutes to unblock a blood vessel once the patient arrives in the emergency room, as the emergency interventional procedure team is on standby 24/7 for patients with acute myocardial infarction.
The specialists on the emergency interventional procedure team have a high level of experience that exceeds the standard given by the domestic and international society of interventional cardiology. The experience they possess is more than 13 times the standard for the number of general interventional procedures and more 4 times the standard for the number of emergency interventional procedures.
The collaboration system, which mobilizes a thoracic and cardiovascular surgery team if the heart stops or a patient requires surgical operation during an emergency interventional procedure, is also contributing significantly towards improving the survival rate of patients.

Ajou Sports Medicine Center

The Ajou Sports Medicine Center provides specialized exercise therapy aimed at helping patients completely recover and get back to their normal everyday lives through sports medicine.
The treatment is not only aimed at sportsmen and women but at patients and the general public. A personalized 1:1 program considering the patient’s age and illness is provided, with specialists in each department, physical therapists and sports trainers. As well, the center assists patients achieve more than a simple reduction in pain by helping them to develop better physical ability.

The center has equipment required for the enhancement of weakened muscular strength and balance, and control of muscles through nervimotion. Also, the exercise therapists and physical therapists working in the center provide professional consultation and enable the patient to establish a treatment plan.
The Ajou Sports Medicine Center runs an exercise program that helps both patients and healthy people to evaluate and improve their own physical ability through the physical examination program.

Gamma Knife Center

Clinic for torticollis

Ajou Hearing Center

Comprehensive Care Center for Osteoarthritis

Pancreato-Biliary Disease Center

Peritoneal Cancer Center

Parkinson Center

Integrated Care Center for High Risk Pregnant Women and New Born Babies

Stroke Center

Children's Growth & Obesity Center

Ajou Sleep Center

Organ Transplant Center

Rare Disease Center

Esophageal Cancer Center