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Special Clinics

Introducing the Special Clinics of Ajou University Hospital

The Ajou University Hospital clinics offer the best care to patients suffering from hereditary diseases and the various conditions experienced by children and adolescents in the process of normal growth and development.
With their diverse areas of specialization, our medical teams will work to give you the best diagnosis and treatment.

Genetics Clinic

The Genetics Clinic opened at the same time as Ajou University Hospital in Korea. The Genetics Clinic is a special clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hereditary diseases through genetic counselling.
The Genetics Clinic fills a unique niche in Korea, and systematically treats genetic disease though teamwork between the clinical genetics lab and the medical genetics lab.
The Genetics Clinic provides genetic counselling to patients and their family members that need help managing the effects of physical and mental conditions that are hereditary, working with parents before or after a pregnancy to help prevent these conditions from being passed down to children.

Pain Clinic

The Pain Clinic treats acute and chronic pain at its source, and breaks the vicious cycle of pain through drug, physical, and nerve blocking interventions, and well as through the stabilization of peripheral and spinal nerves.
Ajou University Hospital’s Pain Clinic performed the first-ever alcohol nerve block procedure on patients with trigeminal neuralgia, following up its performance of the first successful nerve block through interventional method in Korea, and also performed Korea’s first sympathicotomy on a patient with hyperhidrosis. The clinic has the highest number of procedures and is well-renowned within Korea for its skills.
The Pain Clinic is also pioneering new treatment methods, such as the use of nonsurgical sympathicotomy to treat peripheral circulatory disturbance and hyperhidrosis.

Child Psychiatry Clinic

The Child Psychiatry Clinic helps children and adolescents to handle the various difficulties experienced by many in the process of their growth and development.
The difficulties that children and adolescents experience can be seen all around us, including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, tic disorder, developmental delay, depression, anxiety disorder, competition between siblings and parent-child communication issues. It is better to resolve such problems at an early age so that it does not disturb children’s growth, because these disorders can lead to greater problems later.
At the Child Psychiatry Clinic, our specialists in clinical psychology work with children & adolescents to resolve their various problems related to learning and development, with the aim of promoting their ‘Development and Maturity’