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Emergency Service

Emergency Medical Center

The Emergency Medical Center of Ajou University Hospital is prepared to respond to any emergency situation, 24 hours daily.
The Emergency Medical Center of Ajou University Hospital, which was assigned as the emergency medical center of Southern Gyeonggi province, not only functions as the central hospital for the treatment of emergency patients, but also is the center of the emergency medical system for the region. It is also responsible for the education of emergency medical human resources.

Emergency medical service procedure

  • Receipt

    • Newborn

    • Newborn intensive care room

    • Mother

    • 4th floor Delivery room

    • Preliminary Examination

    • Treatment

        • New patient section

        • Complete treatment

        • Cashier

        • Receive medicine or prescription

        • Return home

        • Children section

        • Transfer decision

        • Cashier

        • Transfer

        • Adult section

        • Hospitalization decision

        • Complete hospitalization agreement

        • Hospitalized in ward

        • Critical patient section

  1. 1. Receipt

    Receive and submit the emergency room receipt to the nurse in the new patient section after submitting the medical service application to the emergency hospital service team.

  2. 2. Preliminary examination/Medical treatment
    • The doctor and nurse on duty perform preliminary examination and guide you to the treatment section depending on the result of the preliminary examination.
    • Examination and treatment may be performed at the same time as emergency procedures, depending on the patient’s status
    • - Depending on the result of the examination, collaborative treatment with a related department may be requested if more accurate diagnosis and specialized treatment is required.
  3. 3. Discharge/Transfer

    You may be discharged or be transferred to an adequate medical institute to receive continued treatment once treatment in the hospital is complete. Please request a nurse for a copy of the examination result and a doctor’s certificate in case you need to transfer to another medical institute.

  4. 4. Hospitalization

    A written decision of hospitalization is issued when a hospitalization treatment(응급진료) or an emergency operation is required. A hospitalization contract and other necessary documents will be filled in by the emergency service team, and then a ward/hospital room will be allocated.

Information on emergency medical management/service fee

  • All patients who visit the hospital are responsible for paying the emergency medical management/service fee according to Article 2 of Emergency Medical Service Act.
  • The patient is responsible for the emergency medical management/service charge and all treatment charges if he/she uses the emergency room without the medical care request.

Clinic of on duty specialist in emergency room

Ajou University Hospital is running an on duty specialist system in the emergency room from 5 August 2012 in response to the revision of the Emergency Medical Service Act.

Emergency room on duty specialist departments
Internal Medicine Pediatrics &
Adolescent Medicine
Neurology Psychiatry &
Behavioral Sciences
Surgery Thoracic &
Cardiovascular Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery Neurosurgery Plastic Surgery
Obstetrics &
Ophthalmology Otolaryngology Urology Rehabilitation Medicine
Anesthesiology &
Pain Medicine
Radiology Radiation Oncology Nuclear Medicine Laboratory Medicine
Pathology Emergency Medicine Occupational &
Environmental Medicine
Family Practice &
Community Health

Information on Emergency Symptoms

Classification Emergency symptom Symptoms close to emergency symptoms
Neurological emergency symptoms
  • Acute clouded consciousness
  • Acute neurological abnormality
  • Head injuries that has symptoms like nausea clouded consciousness
  • Clouded consciousness, dizziness
Cardiovascular emergency symptoms
  • Symptoms requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Acute dyspnoea
  • Acute chest pain due to heart disease
  • Palpitations
  • Abnormal heartbeat and shock
  • Dyspnoea, hyperventilation
Addiction and metabolic disorders
  • Severe dehydration
  • Excessive dose or addiction of drug, alcohol, and other substances
  • Acute metabolic disorder(hepatic and renal failure, diabetes etc.)
Surgical emergency symptoms
  • Surgical abdomen requiring ventrotomy (Limited to serious illnesses such as, acute peritonitis, enterostenosis, acute pancreatitis)
  • Extensive burns ( More than 18% of body’s surface area)
  • Penetrating wound
  • Openㆍmultiple bone fracture or fracture of femoral spine
  • Vascular injury concerned with limb amputation
  • Multiple external injuries
  • Symptoms requiring emergency surgery under general anesthesia
  • Burn
  • Overall abnormal abdominal symptoms including surgical abdomen
  • Fractureㆍexternal injury or dislocation
  • Symptoms requiring other emergent surgery
  • Urination disorder
  • Continuous hemoptysis
  • Bleeding which doesn’t stop
  • Acute gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Vascular damage
Ophthalmologic emergency symptoms
  • Injuries to the eye caused by chemical substance
  • Acute sight loss
  • Allergic reaction accompanied by facial edema
Pediatric emergency symptoms
  • Pediatric spasm disorder
  • Pediatric spasm
  • High fever of over 38℃ (It means symptoms which occur in children below 8 years old when the provision of medical service is difficult. For example, in public holidays and at night)
Psychiatric emergency symptoms
  • Psychiatric disorder concerned with harming oneself or others
Obstetrics & Gynecologic emergency symptoms  
  • Symptoms requiring obstetrics & gynecologic examination and treatment due to childbirth or sexual violence
Emergency symptoms caused by alien substances  
  • A patients needing removal of alien substances from ears, eyes, nose, and anus

Emergency Service Inquiry

Emergency Medical Center Information : 031-219-7777
Receipt/Payment Inquiry : 031-219-7700, 7770