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Inpatient Service

Please check in around 15:00~16:00pm at Admission & Discharge Affairs on the 1st floor of the main building on your day of admission. If you want to cancel or reschedule your admission, please contact in advance the International Health Care Center during office hours.

Things to bring for admission
  • Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste and essential toiletries
  • Slippers, a box of tissues, drinking cup for personal use and any other personal items
  • Baby goods : A box of tissues, 2 boxes of wipes (Day of discharge: baby clothes, receiving blanket, and outer blanket)
  • Delivery room : 1 pack of sanitary mat (10ea)

* These products are available at the B1convenient store in the main building.

Admission Room

6 bed rooms, 4 bed rooms, semi-private rooms, private rooms, deluxe rooms, VIP rooms
* Date for admission is reserved but inpatient rooms cannot be booked.
* Despite of your previous requests, you may start using upper level accommodation on your admission day in case of shortage of the multi-bed rooms.

  • Rounding Hours

    Physicians make their rounds 1-2 times a day.

    • 07:00~09:00am
    • 17:00~19:00pm
  • Meal Times

    • Breakfast : 07:30am
    • Lunch : 12:00pm
    • Dinner : 18:00pm

Visiting Hours

Patient’s main guardian may stay all the time and there is no limitation of immediate family visits. However, you are advised to limit the number of your visitors and arrange them to come in between 18:00 ~ 20:00 for our patient’s comfort. Children under the age of 7 are not allowed in the general wards.

SICU (3rd floor)
10:00am~10:20am, 19:40pm~20:00pm
CCU (3rd floor)
08:30am~08:50am, 19:00pm~19:20pm
EICU (3rd floor)
10:00am~10:20am, 19:40pm~20:00pm
NICU (4th floor)
09:30am~10:00am, 19:30pm~20:00pm
MICU (5th floor)
09:00am~09:20am, 19:40pm~20:00pm
NCU (Neurology – 5th floor)
09:30am~09:50am, 19:00pm~19:20pm
Stroke Unit (9th floor)
08:30am~09:00am, 19:00pm~19:30pm

Convenience facilities

Main building
  • (B1) : Burger King, Convenient store, Bakery, Ice cream store, Food court, some restaurants, and medical supply store.
  • (1st floor) : Coffee shop
Well-being center
  • (B1) : Korean Porridge restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Vietnamese restaurant, Bank

Convenience Images


Discharge is expected around 11:00~12:00pm after your doctor’s confirmation.
If you want to get your official medical records, CD copy, or doctor’s certification letter, please let your nurse or doctor know ahead of time.

Steps for requesting medical records Go

Step 1 Check your written discharge instructions, medicines to take home, and medical records from your nurse.
Step 2 Pay your in-patient bills at the Admission & Discharge Affair on the 1st floor of the main building.
Step 3 Pack everything you brought and go home.