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Health Check-up

  1. Visit each department and meet a specialist.

    After checking your health condition, the doctor will suggest some physical exams in that field.
  2. Meeting a Family Medicine doctor.

    The doctor may order a general physical exam test which is required regardless of the pertinent department.
  3. Using the Health Promotion Center.

    They offer various checkup packages. You can choose one of them which is appropriate for you.
  • Medical Examination Process
  • Reservation
    • Visit, Phone, Internet
  • The Exam Date
    • Submit Questionnaire and Pay
    • Change Clothes
    • Instructions for Examination Process
    • Medical Examination
    • Reserve date for the results
    • Return Home
  • Results
    • Visit 1 week later, Mail, Internet
  • Further Management Procedures

  • Consultation about the Exam Results

    • Within Normal Range

    • Recommend Exam Next Year

    • Reserve Exam for Next Year

    • Sent text Message 3 months
      before test

    • Visit or Call 2 months
      before test

    • Send preparations

    • Abnormal Results

      • Slight abnormality

      • Medical follow up
        at regular intervals

      • Treatment according
        to results

      • Need consultation
        with specialist

      • Consult to each

      • Provide copies of
        medical records
        if needed