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Overseas Insurance

Overseas insurance companies

Ajou University Hospital has contracts with several overseas insurance companies listed alphabetically.

AETNA CIGNA Foreign Service
Benefit Plan
Please contact the International Healthcare Center in advance to verify your eligibility and coverage. You may need to contact your insurance company to obtain Guarantee of Payment before coming to Ajou University Hospital.

Other overseas insurances

Ajou University Hospital also has contracts with several Third Party Administrators (TPA) which are financial transaction administrators that handles the process between the insurance company and the provider.

International SOS Global Benefit Group Global Assistance Partners Seven Corners HAgency
  • If your insurance is related with one of these TPAs, please ask them to send a Guarantee of Payment through TPA which we can accept.
  • If your insurance does not have any links with the above TPAs, please check whether they have a representative in Korea.
  • Please be advised that if we cannot obtain Guarantee of Payment from your insurance company before medical service is rendered, you may pay the bill upfront and submit the claim by yourself.


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