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Clinical Achievement

  • Jun. Succeeded the 900th kidney transplantation
  • Jun. Number of cardiac catheterization patients topped 60,000
  • Jun. Passed the 7,000 robotic surgery mark
  • Apr. Successfully performed the first lung transplant
  • Jan. Succeeded the 500th liver transplantation
  • May. Successfully performed Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation(TAVI)
  • Jun. Number of cardiac catheterization patients topped 50,000
  • Jul. Passed the 4,000 robotic surgery mark
  • Oct. Passed the 1,000 gamma knife radiosurgery mark
  • Apr. Proved the efficacy and safety of magnesium alloy screw as a novel bioabsorbable material in patients due to hand fractures
  • Apr. Passed the 3,000 robotic surgery mark
  • Jul. Proved effects of intramuscular injection of autologous immunoglobulin on clinical severity and serum IgE concentration in patients with atopic dermatitis
  • Nov. Gained Stroke Unit Re-certification From Korean Stroke Society
  • Oct. Passed the 3,000 polysomnography mark
  • May. Number of cardiac catheterization patients topped 40,000
  • Nov. Passed the 500 kidney transplants mark
  • Dec. Passed the 2,000 robotic surgery mark
  • Oct. Passed the 300 liver transplants mark
  • Feb. Passed the 1,000 robotic surgery mark
  • Dec. Passed the 200 cochlear implants mark
  • Dec. Passed the 1,000 laparoscopic stomach cancer surgery mark
  • Nov. Passed the 80,000 intervention procedures (image-guided intervention) mark
  • Aug. Passed the 400 kidney transplants mark
  • Oct. Successfully performed robotic enteroanastomosis
  • Sep. Successfully performed the first scoliosis operation under thorascopy for a patient with Chiari syndrome
  • Sep. Passed the 6,000 sterilization operations mark
  • Aug. Number of cardiac catheterization patients topped 30,000
  • Jun. Number of trigeminal neuralgia patients treated under alcohol thalamotomy topped 2,000
  • Sep. Passed the 2,000 cerebral aneurysm operations mark
  • Jun. Developed the world’s first trans-sutural distraction osteogenesis for infants with craniosynostosis, cutting operation time by 90%
  • Jun. Passed 500 hematopoietic stem cell transplants mark
  • Oct. Treated multiple system atrophy, an incurable neurological disorder, using stem cells for the first time in the world
  • May. Successfully performed Korea’s first liver transplant between patients with different blood types
  • Apr. Concurrently treated hemophilia and liver cancer for the first time in Korea through liver transplantation
  • Nov. Developed a new way of diagnosing occupational asthma using isocyanate
  • Aug. Successfully treated a patient with Crouzon syndrome for the first time in Koreavia craniofacial skeleton dilatation
  • Jul. Successfully performed laparoscopic cervical cancer surgery for the first time in the southern region of Gyeonggi-do
  • Aug. Successfully performed gastroenteroplasty for a patient with the most extreme type of obesity in Korea
  • Jul. performed75 cases of Korea’s first endoscopic examination of small intestine
  • Oct. Performed Korea’s first chondrocyte implantation using a life supporter
  • Jan. Successfully performed the first cochlear implantation in Gyeonggi-do
  • Aug. Successfully created dendritic cells exhibiting immune responses against cancer
  • Nov. First immunotherapeutic medication for patients experiencing hay fever caused by Humulus japonicus
  • May. Developed a vestibular rehabilitation therapy for patients with dizziness
  • Jun. Developed early artificial womb technology that allows the world’s first implantation of fertilized eggs
  • Jun. Successfully performed allogeneic bone transplantation without sacrificing knee joints
  • Oct. Developed treatments for endometriosis and sclerosis
  • Jul. Developed measurement and assessment methods based on the blood flow rates of coronary arteries for the first time in the world
  • Nov. Treated a recurring tumor in the patient’s pelvis using holmium-166
  • Jul. Developed a gastric cancer diagnosis method based on serum tests
  • Jul. Developed a vibrio sepsis treatment
  • Aug. Discovered the possibility of HSV (herpes simplex virus) being the cause of Behcet’s disease for the first time in the world
  • Jul. Developed the world’s first brain tumor removal method using tumor boundary markers
  • Jul. Successfully treated a patient with neuroblastoma via stem cell transplantation
  • Mar. Developed the world’s first pyloric stent cannulation technique
  • Aug. Successfully performed Korea’s first knee cartilage transplant surgery
  • Jul. Successfully performed allogeneic bone marrow transplantation and autologous marrow transplantation
  • Apr. Successfully performed liver and kidney transplants