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Thank you for visiting the Ajou University Hospital homepage.

Ajou University Hospital, which opened in 1994, dedicated to providing the best medical treatment and the most updated medical information to health care providers. Ajou University Hospital has grown each year, guided by its mission statement: We are always there for you. We are committed to caring for you and your family.

In the midst of countless changes and challenges, the promise of Ajou University Hospital is to be continuously devoted to improving community health, and to be at their service anytime. Over the last 25 years, Ajou University Hospital has made tremendous efforts to keep this promise, by employing experienced and competent professional medical teams, creating a pleasant medical space and introducing the latest medical equipment.

Ajou University Hospital has medical centers, which are specialized by disease type such as 13 cancer centers focused on different organs, a Cardiovascular Center, a Comprehensive Care Center for Osteoarthritis, a Center for Torticollis, a Children’s Growth&Obesity Center, a Integrative Care Center, a GammaKnife Center, a Organ Transplant Center, the Ajou Sports Medicine Center, the Ajou Hearing Center and has offered professional medical service by dividing the department of surgery into 10 parts.

Ajou University Hospital was acknowledged for its world-class achievements in the area of patient safety and medical service by receiving the JCI certification three times in a row in 2011, 2014 and 2017. In addition, Ajou University Hospital was designated as the Southern Gyeonggi Trauma Center, the Cancer Center for Gyeonggi province, the Southern Gyeonggi Emergency Medical Center.

Ajou University Hospital is also responsible for national projects of various sizes. Especially, after recognized in April 2013 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as an official Research-Driven Hospital, Ajou University Hospital has strived to build a foundation and ideal base for fusion research combining clinical studies.

Ajou University Hospital received a first-class rank in the evaluation of medical treatment of stomach cancer, large intestine cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer from the Review & Assessment Service of the National Health Insurance Corporation, showing the hospital’s excellent performance in the field of cancer surgery.

Ajou University Hospital, internationally renowned for treating sea captain Hae-Gyun Seok after he was shot multiple times by Somalian pirates, is not satisfied to rest on its laurels and promises to become a hospital that can realize customers’ desires through continuous changes and developments.

We appreciate your interest in the Ajou University Hospital homepage, and hope to provide you with a convenient online service and valuable health information. Thank you.

Director of Ajou University Hospital Hee-Seok Yoo Hee-Seok Yoo Director of Ajou University Hospital