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Parking info

Parking Information

The Ajou University Hospital has a total of 2,100 parking spaces, including the underground parking lots in the main building and ground parking areas.
For more parking information, please contact :
Parking Management Office (031 -219 -5465~6), Rate Adjustment Office (031-219-4361)

Locations of Parking Lots

Underground parking lots
Main building : Underground level 1 ~ 3 (a total of 730 parking spaces)

Parking Lots
Parking Lots1 : Beside the front gate (a total of 400 parking spaces)
Parking Lots2 : Beside the School of Medicine (a total of 430 parking spaces)
Parking Lots3 : Beside the Ajou University Gymnasium (a total of 300 parking spaces)
Parking lots in front of the front gate of the hospital, the left and right sides at its back; parking spaces by the Annex and gymnasium (a total of 250 parking spaces)

Faculty Parking Area Map

Parking Map

Parking rates

Parking rates
Time slot Basic rate Excess rate Where to check rate
Daytime (06:00~22:00) First 30-minutes free
(A maximum of 20,000 won per day)
500 won per 10 min Rate Adjustment Office
Nighttime (22:00~06:00) 300 won per 10 min
Long-term inpatients
and their guardians
10,000 won per day Customer Information Center
Rate Adjustment Office

People with disabilities shall receive 50% off the regular rates.
(Only applicable to those holding welfare cards or disability registration cards)

Free Parking

Free Parking
Free parking time Item Where to check rate
Free on the remainder of the day Hemodialysis room, outpatients to undergo surgery Automatic checkout registered car only
- Unless you register your car, show your receipt to Rate Adjustment Office for confirming free parking.
- For further information on car registration, please contact International Healthcare Center.
Free for 12 hours Emergency patients
Admitted/discharged patients
Free for 8 hours Patients to receive endocrine function testing
Free for 4 hours Outpatient treatment
Health Promotion Center
Free for one hour For those visiting the funeral hall Please make sure that you get a receipt from the Business Operation Team in Funeral Hall.

- Discount tickets for long-term parking should be purchased at the Central Information Center during weekdays or purchased in advance at the Rate Adjustment Office at night or on holidays.

Free Valet Parking

We provide Valet parking for the disabled.
-Operating hour: 08:00 ~ 16:00
-Location: Back gate of the hospital